3 Reasons You Should Develop an iPhone App [2022]

Apple has received criticism over the last few years for the lack of innovation in their product lines, but in 2020 the tide may have turned. 2021 will be a great year to start making iPhone apps. Here’s why:

The iPhone 12 is a huge leap forward

With an f/1.6 aperture camera and enhanced Night Mode, the iPhone 12 has taken the throne amongst the flagship smartphone cameras. Whether you use Instagram, Snapshot or TikTok, there are numerous apps that center around the usage of the phone’s camera to create slick filters and effects for photos and videos.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max not only has a bleeding edge camera, but also a LiDAR scanner, which uses lasers to detect the 3D geometry of objects. Even if you don’t understand how exactly this technology works- rest assured that it’s a groundbreaking feature for a smartphone and it’ll bring about a new generation of crazy new and interesting apps that leverage Augmented Reality.

You may have heard of Virtual Reality (VR) before. It’s when you’re immersed in an entirely virtual world. But Augmented Reality (AR) is when you can mix virtual objects into the real world- which has far more practical use cases.

Years ago, IKEA created an app that allows you to place virtual furniture inside of a room to see how it would look. The app was creative and fun to use, but the app wouldn’t work at all under low-light conditions. Now with the iPhone 12’s LiDAR sensor those kind of apps can perform much better under dark conditions.

The New Macbook M1 chip makes iOS development faster

Developing an iOS app has historically required a pretty powerful computer. Xcode is the program that you use to develop iOS apps, and it is a very resource-hungry software. Additionally, if you want to run your app on the computer, it requires using the Simulator, which can require a lot of memory, as well as a good processor and decent amount of graphics power.

The new 2020 “Silicon” MacBooks- which contain an ARM processor rather than the traditional Intel processor- has gone through many performance tests. The new machines surprisingly perform up to 3x to 4x faster than the last generation of MacBooks, even showing improvements on software that wasn’t built for ARM processors in the first place! The battery has been shown to last upwards of 18 hours during average activities.

It’s no secret that Mac computers require you to pay the “Apple Tax”. Macs are normally 1.5x or more expensive than an equivalently powered Windows machine. But for the first time ever, the new Macs might provide a level of performance that reasonably matches the price. Starting at $999, at least it doesn’t feel like you’d need to sell a kidney this time around.

Apple Has Cut App Store Commission to 15%

Lastly, let’s talk about money. The App Store commission fee has always been 30%- so if you created an app and monetized it, Apple would take a 30% cut from any in-app purchases or subscription profits that you made.

Recently, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that app developers who generate profits under $1 million dollars a year qualify for the program. This comes after Apple had been caught in several lawsuits from companies that were fed up with Apple’s monopoly status and harsh App Store policies.

By Apple taking a lower commission fee, that means that app developers can take home a larger portion of their profits.

Get In The Game Early

The early bird gets the worm, they say. This applies doubly in the tech industry. Search engines, viral apps, Bitcoin… Those who get in the game early usually have the early-mover advantage. Identifying those pivotal moments in the industry can put you in a great position to make a profit later on.

Even if you don’t become a millionaire from making a viral app, you can still become an app developer and make a good salary to develop apps for a living. If you’re excited and new to the world of programming, you can see for yourself how hard it is to be a programmer.

Passive Income

There are a few ways to generate passive income. But let’s be honest- generating passive income isn’t easy. It requires building a product that people want, and effectively marketing the product to that audience.

Creating an iPhone app and monetizing it isn’t a bad way to generate passive income if you can deliver a unique value and experience to the user. If you release an app with a subscription plan, then -aside from inevitable churn- you can sustain a monthly profit.

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