Best Comfortable Chairs for Working From Home

A good home office chair makes your work-from-home experience comfortable and relaxing. On the other hand, a mediocre chair may cause long-term back pain and bad posture.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Home Office Chair

On the surface, chairs are simple. We sit on them, and expect them to remain sturdy to support our weight while we wiggle about for hours each day.

But the modern office chair is a fairly sophisticated piece of equipment. Between arm rests, adjustment knobs, and wheels, there are a few considerations to make before putting your trust into a new chair.

Armrest vs. No Armrest

Whether or not our chairs should include armrests has been an age-old debate since royal thrones were built for kings and queens.

In the modern age, where office work primarily entails sitting at a computer desk for hours on end, medical experts mostly agree that chair armrests are beneficial, under the condition that the armrest is a good fit for the sitter.

Armrests primarily help to reduce the load on muscles in the shoulder/neck area, and may even help to encourage good posture. Additionally, keyboard activities exude less stress on fingers when the arms are supported. And when it comes time to sit up from the chair, an armrest provides crucial leverage to reduce pressure on the knees.

Adjustable Height and Tilt

A study by Fredric Gerr (University of Iowa College of Public Health) noted that– when arms are rested on a surface and elbows are above the height of the keyboard– there is a reduced risk of musculoskeletal disorders in the neck and shoulders.

What lessons can we take from this? The ideal chair should allow adjustment of the seat height as well as armchair height, so that you can ensure that your arms are about parallel to your keyboard. You may want to consider using a keyboard tray if your desk is too high.

Caster Wheels

Nearly all office chairs come with caster wheels, so you don’t have much choice in this matter.

The issue is that some chairs have shoddy wheels that will jam up if the slightest bit of dirt or hair get stuck in them. Be sure to look at the reviews and steer clear if the topic of lackluster wheels comes up.

For the best chair-rolling experience, you should place the chair on a hard surface rather than a soft surface like carpet.

Build Quality and Materials

The materials used to build the chair will affect the durability and lifetime of the chair.

For example, a leather chair with threaded seams might tear after a few months of normal usage. Meanwhile, a seat with a “breathable” mesh cloth material will last longer, but can easily trap dirt and cause itchiness. All materials have pros and cons.

On top of that, it’s a good idea to double-check the maximum weight capacity of a chair. Most chairs support up to 200lbs. But for folks of the big-and-tall variety, don’t worry. There’s no shortage of heavy-duty chairs supporting up to 400lbs.

Gaming Chair vs. Office Chair

There’s a strong overlap between the world of office work and the world of gaming. Both worlds rely heavily on computers, monitors, headsets, and comfortable chairs. But gaming is more intense.

Expect that any self-proclaimed “gaming chair” is going to be battle-ready for long hours of sweaty desk activities. Large, padded, and highly adjustable– gaming chairs are an excellent option for the work-from-home crowd.

Best Home Office Chairs for Working From Home

Now that you’re an expert on the subject of office chairs, take a look at these superb options:

Cadcah Gaming Chair

Comfortable and Highly Adjustable Chair

  • Max Weight Capacity: 300 pounds
  • Materials: Leather and High-Density Sponge
  • Adjustable Height: YES
  • Adjustable Tilt: YES
  • Adjustable Armrest: YES

Suitable for a wide range of home office activities, the Cadcah Gaming Chair is a highly adjustable and ergonomic chair. The entire seat is fully padded, and even includes an embedded pillow for those moments of relaxation.

Sadie Big and Tall Chair

Durable and Sturdy Office Chair

  • Max Weight Capacity: 400 pounds
  • Materials: Breathable Mesh
  • Adjustable Height: YES
  • Adjustable Tilt: Not much tilt
  • Adjustable Armrest: YES

If sturdiness is a top priority for you, the Sadie won’t disappoint. Raving reviewers have praised the durability and comfort. With a breathable cooling mesh material, and height-adjustable arms– you’ll be able to power through your desk duties without a hitch.

Furmax Office Chair

Great Value Office Chair

  • Max Weight Capacity: 265 pounds
  • Materials: Breathable Mesh
  • Adjustable Height: YES
  • Adjustable Tilt: YES
  • Adjustable Armrest: YES

As far as good ergonomic office chairs go, the Furmax Office Chair is great value for the price. With thick padding on the bottom and a breathable mesh in the back, you don’t need to worry about sweatiness or a sore bum. A great conservative option that won’t hurt the wallet.

Furmax Executive Office Chair

High Comfort Office Chair

  • Max Weight Capacity: 300 pounds
  • Materials: Leather
  • Adjustable Height: YES
  • Adjustable Tilt: YES
  • Adjustable Armrest: NO

So comfortable, you’ll sink into this chair with bliss. The Furmax Executive Office Chair is great for when you need to lay back and think big. The extra padding and classy design make this comfy chair a great addition to your home office. The only drawback is that the armrest is not adjustable, so you’ll want to be sure that your keyboard is placed at a height parallel to the armrests.

Final Thoughts

With the right chair, you’ll feel “right at home” when working from home. A bad chair can ruin your back and your mood. But a good chair can empower you to work longer, more comfortably, and ultimately more productively.w

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