Top 10 Best Jobs for Introverts (Working from Home)

The average career can prove challenging for an introvert because too much social interaction is exhausting. Choosing the right job as an introvert is the key to keeping your anxiety under control and paycheck steady.

For those of us who’d prefer to keep face-to-face interaction to a minimum, the traditional office environment is a hotbed of angst and annoyances. But what other path can an introvert take?

Working remotely is a great alternative.

With the rise of remote work in the modern age—especially since the pandemic brought much of the workforce online—it’s never been easier for an introvert to land a fully remote role that aligns with their inward personality.

Working remotely from home lets an introvert relish in blissful solitude, only occasionally communicating with colleagues over email or Slack. No more in-person meetings. No more office gossip. And no more nerve-wracking in-person presentations.

But while remote jobs are clearly the best bet for us solitary types, not all online positions are ideal. The perfect work-from-home career for introverts involves a high degree of autonomy plus minimal video or telephone interaction, whether with clients or well-known colleagues. 

Sound like your dream gig? 

Then you need to read the following list. 

1. Developer

Developers spend the majority of their time pondering and implementing programming solutions by writing code.

Whether you’re a seasoned web developer, a full-stack guru, or a backend software engineer, you won’t have to spend all day liaising with humans in this gig. Granted, there’s always going to be some degree of interaction, especially when crunch time comes. But for the most part, the developer/programmer works autonomously and enjoys a high degree of independence.

As a neat little bonus, these positions pay well. It’s not unheard of to score six figures within a few years of finishing your college degree (or even without one).

  • Median Salary: USD $107,510 
  • Schedule Flexibility: Medium
  • Interaction: Low – with colleagues

2. Writer

Writers spend time conducting research and composing written materials in order to communicate ideas.

The term “writer” spans a broad spectrum of subclasses: authors, technical writers, content writers, copywriters, and so on. But what they all have in common is they each work almost entirely independently. For example, a writer will typically receive a content brief from their client, then undertake the necessary research and prepare a polished piece all on their own. 

Aside from an initial onboarding meeting, the writer will rarely engage clients via phone or video conferencing. And those who go down the freelance route can simply stop working with overly chatty clients altogether—plus, the flexibility is hard to beat. Pay tends to start low then rise gradually as experience and expertise increase. 

  • Average Salary: $51,211
  • Schedule Flexibility: Medium-High
  • Interaction: Low – with clients

3. Accountant

The accountant spends most of the day leveraging computer software to calculate numbers.

From adding pivot tables to Excel spreadsheets to analyzing complex financial reports– there’s very little in-person interaction with this gig, and that’s why introverts flock to number-crunching positions in droves. 

While the accountant occasionally converses with tax-filing customers, most communication occurs in the digital realm. The bookkeeper, who specializes in recording transactions and financial organization, enjoys similar autonomy—both positions appeal to introverts, and both can be done remotely. 

  • Median Salary: USD $71,550
  • Schedule Flexibility: Medium
  • Interaction: Moderate – with customers

4. Graphic Designer / Illustrator

Graphic designers put together pretty collages from photos, images, and text while illustrators draw images by hand.

Although it’s a common remote position, the job does require collaboration with colleagues or clients. Nonetheless, communication is typically kept to a minimum, and the graphic designer is free to express their creativity alone. 

The illustrator enjoys a similar degree of independence and flexibility. In this role, the creative will produce original artwork from scratch, either using special software or a traditional pen (or paintbrush) and paper approach. 

Both roles are 100% remote-friendly, which further reduces the need for human interaction. 

  • Average Salary: $48,958
  • Schedule Flexibility: High (especially for freelancers)
  • Interaction: Medium – with clients

5. Video Editor

Video editors spend endless hours locked up in a dark room splicing together clips; it’s an introvert’s dream!

Yes, you will have to liaise with your client or boss—whether that be a motion picture producer or corporate advertiser—to determine the pace and impact of the piece. But for the most part, the position involves a high degree of independence.  

With a blazing fast fiber-optic connection, it’s possible to perform the job remotely for extra autonomy. You’ll be working with big file sizes and complex graphics, however, so a beefy PC (or laptop) and stacks of HDD space are a must. 

  • Median Salary: US $38,080
  • Schedule Flexibility: High
  • Interaction: Low – with clients

6. Scientist

Scientists generally collect data, perform research and occasionally conduct experiments.

Introverts with a knack for technical observation could consider becoming a scientist. Like many other options on our list, the term “scientist” encompasses a broad range of disciplines: biologists, physicists, botanists, chemists, and so forth. And for the most part, these intellectual individuals tend to work solo rather than in a tight-knit team. 

Of course, there’s always going to be a degree of collaboration involved, especially when applying for grants and discussing theories with your peers. Nonetheless, it’s a top option for logic-minded introverts, even if the salaries don’t always match the requisite dedication and expertise.  

There’s scope for scientists to work at least partially remote, although many positions require lab work or field excursions. Data scientists work almost exclusively with data and digital processes, making it an excellent choice as far as remote gigs go.

  • Median Salary: $70,238
  • Schedule Flexibility: Low
  • Interaction: Medium – with peers

7. Translator

Translators leverage their multilingual abilities to bridge the language barrier through reading and writing.

Bilingual introverts could harness their linguistic prowess to become a certified translator. Don’t worry: this gig involves translating text from one language to another, all with very little human interaction. An interpreter, on the other hand, translates speech in real-time, often in front of a large audience—that’s not something an introvert would enjoy. 

Translators frequently work freelance and fully remote, which grants optimal control over their hours and plenty of flexibility. Salaries skyrocket should you specialize in a technical niche—think medicine, law, agricultural technology, and the like. 

  • Median Salary: US$51,830
  • Schedule Flexibility: High
  • Interaction: Low – with clients

8. Email / Chat Support

A chat support representative typically communicates with troubled customers through email or instant messaging.

Although most customer relations and call center roles are the stuff of nightmares for the timid, introvert type, there is an exception: email and/or chat support. These well-natured, fast-typing folk will thoroughly research and respond to customer queries via their keyboards, all without ever communicating face-to-face (or on the phone).

It’s typically an entry-level position, so don’t expect a beefy paycheck, even when you’ve fine-tuned your customer service chops. On the plus side, it’s often fully remote, which equates to extra freedom and flexibility. 

  • Median Salary: USD $34,301
  • Schedule Flexibility: Medium
  • Interaction: Frequent – with customers (via text only)

9. Editor / Proofreader

An editor uses their keen eye and intuition to proofread written copy.

While the film editor chops and changes video clips, the editor works similarly with the written word. The job requires tweaking sentences to improve structure and syntax, as well as correcting the odd grammatical blunder. In some instances, the editor will reword entire paragraphs to improve readability or provide in-depth feedback on what the writer is doing right or wrong. 

The proofreader is more like a final fresh pair of eyes to catch hidden typos and minor mistakes. Both jobs require minimal interaction with the writer (nor anyone else), making them great for independent, introverted types.  

  • Median Salary: USD $53,754
  • Schedule Flexibility: High
  • Interaction: Low – with clients

10. Actuary

Another one for the numbers nerds, the actuary studies statistical data and provides insightful forecasts to big corporations or government entities.

Decision-makers can then use these science-based predictions to set policies and determine premiums—actuaries are in hot demand in the insurance world.

It’s a highly technical field, so you’ll need a college degree to get your foot in the door—a Ph.D. wouldn’t hurt. But it’ll be worth the effort for the independent introvert as the salaries are enormous and the workload almost entirely autonomous. 

  • Median Salary: USD $113,175
  • Schedule Flexibility: Medium
  • Interaction: Low – with colleagues

Whether you’re a smidgen on the introvert spectrum or a full-blown collaboration-hating hermit, these ten largely autonomous gigs are worth a squiz. Best of all, most can be done at least partially remote, so you’ll never have to suffer through menial workplace tittle-tattle again. 

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