Top 10 Best Remote Jobs For Creatives Who Want to Work From Home

Keen to kick start a remote career in the creative arts? Then this guide has been tailor-made for you. 

Although techie types and marketing gurus tend to dominate the remote work realm, there’s scope for creatives to get a slice of the work-from-home pie. So long as you’re not in the performance arts, chances are you can earn a living exercising your creative talents online.

Today we’re covering the top 10 creative professions for remote work. Each of these stimulating careers will see you earn a respectable income while letting those creative juices flow—all this from the comfort of your own home (or your favorite coffee shop / co-working space).

1. Graphic Designer

The classic gig for creatives, graphic designers produce captivating custom-made images to support commercial marketing campaigns. You need a keen eye for visual design and proven Photoshop chops to make it in the field, and you’ll face stiff competition from Americans and overseas workers alike.

Nonetheless, there’s big demand for graphic design and lucrative paychecks for workers with demonstrable expertise. Follow a freelance career for flexible schedules or work in-house full-time for a more reliable income. 

  • Median Salary US: $48,926 per annum
  • Schedule flexibility: High for freelancers/moderate for full-timers
  • Creativity Rating: Medium-High—marketing gigs can get mundane

2. Illustrator

While the graphic designer creates collage-like images from existing photos, graphics, and text, the illustrator makes original artwork from scratch. You’ll either draw, sketch or paint pictures by hand or use one of the numerous specialist software suites—think Adobe Illustrator, Corel Painter, Procreate, etc. In either case, natural artistic talent is an absolute must. 

Most illustrators work under the marketing umbrella, creating sleek artwork to sell products across a broad range of industries. Other opportunities include book illustrations, website infographics, and magazine images, to name a few. Strong communication skills are essential as discussing design briefs with stakeholders is an everyday task. 

  • Median Salary US: $48,735 per annum
  • Schedule flexibility: High for freelancers/moderate for full-timers
  • Creativity Rating: Very high—artistic expression is common

3. Writer

Nope, we’re not talking about becoming a best-selling author here—that’s a sweet gig if you’ve got the talent, patience, and luck, though. The lion’s share of modern-day wordsmiths are either content writers, who do engaging articles/blogs, or copywriters, who pen compelling sales copy. The two fields intertwine, so it’s possible to do both simultaneously. Either option can garner a respectable paycheck once you prove your mettle.

As writing is an autonomous, word-processing-based gig, it’s ideal for remote work. Those dreaded Zoom meetings are few and far between, and you get to choose your working hours. As usual, freelancers get even more sovereignty over their schedules.

  • Median Salary US: $51,180
  • Schedule flexibility: High for freelancers/moderate for full-timers
  • Creativity Rating: Medium—marketing content can quickly become repetitive.

4. Editor / Proof-reader

Grammar nerds who find creating original content a chore could try their hand at editing or proofreading. The former involves making in-depth changes to a text, including improvements to sentence structure and syntax. The latter is more about providing a fresh set of highly-trained eyes to give a final read-over and pick out any unseen typographical errors.

Both jobs require a comprehensive understanding of the English language and exceptional attention to detail. Choose from either freelance or full-time gigs, both available to do entirely online. 

  • Median Salary US: $54,045
  • Schedule flexibility: High for freelancers/low for full-timers
  • Creativity Rating: Low—you don’t get to write original content.

5. Photographer

If you adore tweaking with the shutter speed, ISO, and aperture on your SLR, then a photography career could be ideal. Although competitive, there’s strong demand for high-quality photos across various sectors, especially in the marketing and fashion fields. Many workers do weddings as their ‘bread and butter’ then pursue more creative endeavors like travel or wildlife photography on the side.

A quick disclaimer, though: the job is only semi-remote. You must be physically present to capture your subject matter, though the editing and client liaison portion can be done anywhere with WiFi. 

  • Median Salary US: $45,000
  • Schedule flexibility: Set hours during shoots, flexible hours for editing and communications. 
  • Creativity Rating: Medium-High—the high-paying gigs are somewhat mundane, while creative fields are more saturated and pay less

6. Videographer

If you love living life behind a lens but feel moving images are more your jam, then consider becoming a videographer instead. The position requires recording videos for weddings, sports matches, documentaries, training clips, commercials, and the like. Again, it’s only semi-remote as you need to be present for shoots in person, although the editing component occurs in your own time. 

Some go down the vlogging path, growing a loyal subscriber base on platforms like YouTube, which they monetize through ads. Vlogging is a tough egg to crack but super lucrative for anyone talented and lucky (or good-looking) enough to make it to the big time. 

  • Median Salary US: $45,100
  • Schedule flexibility: Set hours during shoots, flexible hours for editing and communications. 
  • Creativity Rating: Medium-High—various depending on the shoot in question

7. Film & Video Editor

Good news for moving picture fanatics determined to work from home: the film/video editor position can be fully remote. There’s no real need to attend shoots in person, and you can do all the post-production stuff at home on your laptop. Speaking of laptops, you’ll need a beefy machine with plenty of power and HDD space—editing video is a process-intensive task. A lightning-fast internet connection is equally important as you’ll be transferring enormous file sizes on the reg. 

Film and video editors either work in-house or freelance, piecing together snippets of footage to create a highly polished piece. Blockbuster Hollywood products prefer full-time in-person staff, so expect to deal with SMBs instead if you’re going remote. 

  • Median Salary US: $38,020
  • Schedule flexibility: Set hours for full time or flexible for freelancers
  • Creativity Rating: Medium-High—creativity various depending on the content provided

8. Animator 

Animation blurs the line between the creative and technical. On the one hand, you’re a master storyteller with a knack for eye-catching design. And on the other, you’ve got the technological know-how to navigate complex applications like Maya, Flash, and After Effects. That said, the job isn’t all that dense—you don’t need to learn programming languages or whatnot.

The job has you create animated content for films, videos, and games, working either freelance or in-house (remote positions are typical). Like video editing, it’s a process-intensive task, so you’ll need a high-end machine and fancy graphics card. There’s a massive demand for animated infographics these days, which are lucrative and relatively straightforward to produce. 

  • Median Salary US: $68,028
  • Schedule flexibility: Set hours for full time or flexible for freelancers
  • Creativity Rating: Medium-High—various depending on the content

9. Artisan

Artisanal wares were once relegated to bohemian-centric weekend markets. But these days, online marketplaces like Etsy—and to a lesser extent, Alibaba, eBay, and Amazon—allow gifted jewel crafters and dress-makers to make a living online. Other handmade goods like organic cosmetics, candles, and ornaments also sell well—there’s money to be made for talented artisans of all types.

While it’s a fully remote profession that appeals to arty, creative types, note that marketing is half the game. You need to work out what people in specific demographics want, then be proactive in your digital advertising efforts to catch their eye. 

  • Median Salary US: $44,380
  • Schedule flexibility: High
  • Creativity Rating: Very high

10. Content Strategist

The content strategist is another amalgamation of a technical-creative position. In a nutshell, the gig involves analyzing market trends and using that data to create an effective content strategy. It’s about understanding business goals and consumer needs and then combining the two into a concise content schedule. That schedule could involve a blend of blogs, videos, social media marketing, and pay-per-click advertising.

The analytical component is somewhat technical, while the strategizing portion feels more creative. In any case, it’s a fully remote position that’s suitable for both freelancers and full-time employees. With all the different activities that are involved, it’s an excellent choice for high-energy creative folks.

  • Median Salary US: $63,608
  • Schedule flexibility: Set hours for full time or flexible for freelancers
  • Creativity Rating: Low—there’s a lot of analytical work involved

And that’s a wrap: 10 viable creative professions for people who want to work remotely. Your next step is to pick out the career that best aligns with your interests and skills, then start applying for gigs. 

Good luck out there. 

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