Best Remote Jobs for Moms: Low Stress and High Flexibility

While remote work is the dream for many of us, the lifestyle is especially alluring for moms. 

A handy home office and enhanced work-life balance give the stressed-out mom quality time to spend with her kids—and that’s what being a parent is all about, right?

So what makes a good remote position for the perpetually busy mom?

The key is flexibility. 

The stay-at-home mom needs to provide continuous care for her children, whether they’re newborns or already enrolled in school. Any remote work arrangement should have enough wiggle room to get those essential caregiving duties done.

Freelance and part-time positions are ideal, but the pay packet mightn’t be enough to make ends meet. Full-time jobs are more fiscally rewarding, albeit challenging when you’re already a full-time mom. 

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up the top low-stress, highly flexible remote jobs that are suitable for moms who want to work from home. 


One for the number-crunching moms: the bookkeeper manages corporate financial records, and the gig is 100% remote-friendly. Everyday tasks include reconciling bank statements, managing monetary records, processing transactions, and preparing fiscal reports. 

It’s not overly technical, but you will need some education or training before diving into the deep end. What’s more, you should love working with numbers and have excellent people skills—fostering friendly relationships is a big part of the game. Rudimentary arithmetic is all the math you need as high-performance applications like QuickBooks crunch the sums on your behalf. 

Most remote bookkeepers work on a freelance basis for small local businesses, although large corporations tend to take on staff full time. 

  • Median Pay USD: $19.35 per hour
  • Schedule flexibility: Medium
  • Stress level: Medium
  • Online meetings per week: Multiple

Freelance Writer

Any mom that has a way with words can earn a considerable sum by writing online. 

The freelance writer works for multiple clients simultaneously, producing engaging content to attract new audiences or compelling copy to entice readers into a sale. It’s a famously flexible position (you choose when you want to work) and can be undertaken entirely from home. 

It takes time to kickstart a freelance writing career, so don’t expect big bucks right off the bat. But with time, hard work plus a heck of a lot of hustle will see you land lucrative gigs. 

The first thing you need to do is choose a niche, something you specialize in and can write about with authority. Many moms find themselves working in the parenting field because the expertise is already there. 

  • Median Pay USD: $22.99 per hour
  • Schedule flexibility: High
  • Stress level: Low
  • Online meetings per week: Few


If you can tap away on your keyboard for lengthy periods at lightning speed, then transcriptions could be your cup of tea. The gig involves listening to an audio file (or watching a video) and writing down what you hear.

Sound super easy? There’s a wee bit more to it than that. You’ll need to follow strict formatting guides and transcribe either verbatim (including every ‘umm’ and ‘ahhh’) or clean (tidied up for maximum readability). 

The tough part, though, is banging out enough words to make a respectable income. You need to type at 75 words per minute (ideally higher, but you’ll get faster with time) for hours each day to make ends meet. Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) can rear its ugly head, so think twice if you’re susceptible.  

  • Median Pay USD: $15.22 per hour
  • Schedule flexibility: High
  • Stress level: Low
  • Online meetings per week: Few, if any


Moms are already expert educators, having taught their inquisitive offspring a mind-boggling array of facts. So why not transfer those skills into the workforce and get paid to tutor other people’s children from home?

A wide range of tutoring jobs spans multiple fields, from the classic TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) to helping school or college kids with math, science, and humanities. 

Although tutoring has traditionally been done face-to-face, the pandemic saw an explosion of online learning via Zoom, and the trend doesn’t appear to be slowing. TEFL typically means teaching kids based overseas (usually China), so you’ll be working late in the evening when your child is fast asleep. 

  • Median Pay USD: $17.88 per hour
  • Schedule flexibility: High
  • Stress level: Low
  • Online meetings per week: Many

Virtual Assistant

Moms are gifted multi-taskers and managerial masters—the virtual assistant is yet another remote position that lets you draw upon already-existing skills. The job requires providing secretarial support for companies or executives, spanning everything from email response to social media posts and planning events.

You’ll need solid interpersonal skills, proven office (or virtual office) experience, the ability to work autonomously, and a keen eye for detail. Virtual assistants work pre-determined hours—either full or part-time—during which they must be at the beck and call of their boss.  

  • Median Pay USD: $19.08 per hour
  • Schedule flexibility: Medium
  • Stress level: Medium
  • Online meetings per week: Many

Graphic Designer

For moms with artistic flair, graphic design is a flexible field that pays the bills. 

The position involves using digital applications like Photoshop, InDesign, or Illustrator to create custom-made images that bolster a business’ marketing efforts. Signage, website design, brochures, leaflets, and social media ads comprise the bulk of your everyday tasks, making it perfect for creatives.

One of the big drawcards for moms is flexibility, as most graphic designers are freelance and set their own schedules. The hourly rates can become quite lucrative, too, at least once you prove your worth. 

  • Median Pay USD: $23.00 per hour
  • Schedule flexibility: High
  • Stress level: Medium
  • Online meetings per week: Some

Customer Service Representative

If you’ve got the gift of the gab, then consider giving customer service a go. 

Pre-pandemic, most companies operated large, in-person call centers. But these days, there are stacks of work-from-home jobs available, and they’re perfect for busy moms. Of course, you won’t get to choose your own hours, but part-time positions are commonplace.

The position involves responding to customer inquiries and complaints (the latter aren’t much fun), with in-depth training provided by the employer. 

But beware: you’ll need a quiet, screaming-child-free home office to get the gig done. Also, as big businesses tend to employ CSRs offshore, the pay rate isn’t spectacular. 

  • Median Pay USD: $14.53 per hour
  • Schedule flexibility: Low
  • Stress level: Medium-high
  • Online meetings per week: Constant telephone calls

Editor / Proofreader

Grammar geeks and syntax freaks would excel in an editing/proofreading position, and the job is especially attractive for flexibility-seeking moms. 

Editors provide thorough, in-depth revisions to a text, at times abridging sections or restructuring sentences to optimize readability. Proofreaders, on the other hand, give the content a final, fresh set of eyes to pick out any previously unnoticed errors. The two fields somewhat intertwine—it’s entirely normal to offer both services.

In either case, you need superb grammar skills and an eye for detail to succeed. Most editors and proofreaders work freelance for a fully flexible schedule. 

  • Median Pay USD: $25.84 per hour
  • Schedule flexibility: Low/High
  • Stress level: Low/High
  • Online meetings per week: Few/Many

Final Thoughts

If you’re a mom who’s ready to snag a low-stress remote gig, then check out the remote job search and start applying today.

While we’ve given you some wonderful ideas, this list is far from exhaustive. Other opportunities abound, from marketing to coaching, consulting, and more. 

Most of these gigs have relatively low entry requirements, perfect for moms seeking to kickstart a new career. But if you’ve already got specialist skills and enjoy working in your chosen field, see if there’s a way to segue into a remote position. 

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