Making Apps for the Future: iPhone 12

iPhone fans and app developers around the world are rejoicing over the iPhone 12 because of the new possibilities for app ideas.

Smartphones have come a long way since the unveiling of the first iPhone in 2007. Now over a decade and some later, the latest smartphones have over 100,000 times more processing power than the Apollo 11 rocket computer that took us to the moon.

The iPhone 12 is a substantial leap over the last generations of iPhones. We’re excited to see what kind of new apps will come along to reinvent the mobile experience.

But to understand why we’re excited about the iPhone 12, let’s go over some of the technical specs of this mobile sensation.

The Camera

Smartphones are historically bad at night photography while a professional DSLR camera with a large lens is ideal. But a DSLR compared to the iPhone isn’t exactly a fair fight. One is built specifically to take photos, while the other one does much more.

Among the many new camera features of the iPhone 12 (and iPhone 12 mini), the best thing is something rather simple: the size of the lens. With an f/1.6 lens aperture size, the new iPhone 12 camera enables you to let more light hit the sensor in night environments. That means a better experience capturing those serene moments during the darker hours with the improved Night Mode.

Shot on iPhone 11 Pro in Night mode by Austin Mann.

The new Lidar scanner technology included with the iPhone 12 Pro can scan the environment and recognize the distance of objects from the camera, which opens unimaginable possibilities for AR and 3D applications.

Dolby vision allows video to be captured with Smart HDR colors that are already balanced and fruitfully saturated, delivering a cinematic experience out of the box. It’s possible to capture, edit and publish a polished movie using only the iPhone 12 device itself.

5G Internet Data Speeds

With the new 5G cell towers being installed around the world, the newest smartphones have finally begun to adopt the technology, touting speeds up to 15 gigabits per second, which is absolutely insane and will likely be faster than your home WIFI.

It’s not just about fast downloads for HD videos. The latency will be lower than 30 milliseconds, meaning that apps will pop up and load faster than they did before. Video calls will have less lag and online games will be more responsive. We’ll soon forget what it was like when you had to wait for things to load on the screen!

5G Coverage

Verizon 5G Coverage Map

The thing is– 5G coverage isn’t quite global yet. You’ll only really find good coverage near the metropolis cities. If you’re a city dweller, then you’re in luck. You can enjoy those lightning fast 5G download speeds before the folks out in the in the boondocks. Increased speed of 5G connectivity will come once the infrastructure is further developed.

iOS 14 Updates: Widgets and App Clips

Widgets aren’t new to iOS, but they’ve been redesigned and can now be moved to the home screen so that users can have easier access to them. Widgets are a convenient way of being able to view information like weather, stocks and traffic at a glance without needing to open an app.

There’s also a new feature called App Clips, which are essentially mini-apps that perform small quick tasks. Moving towards 2021, most smartphone owners already have more apps than they use on a regular basis, so App Clips might be the path forward for iPhone users who don’t want to add more bloat to their device.

As a consumer, the iPhone 12 looks awesome. As an app developer it looks even more awesome! If you’ve never dabbled into app development, you might want to grab yourself the new iPhone 12 and create the Next Big Thing.

Actually, anyone can download Apple’s Xcode software and start making apps today. And programming isn’t as hard as you think. With Xcode, you can create any type of iOS app for iPhone, iPad, and even Apple Watch

Is the iPhone 12 worth it? In short– yes. The hardware side of things has finally caught up to the classy suite of iOS software options to form a symphony of experiences that Mozart himself would be jealous of.

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