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Top Computer Programming Skills for The Money [2021]

Computer programming skills can provide great pay and job flexibility. But what are the best computer programming skills to learn in 2021? There are a few different options depending on what you find interesting.


Python is a general-purpose programming language, so it can be used for various computer programming projects. But where Python really shines is in the AI and Machine Learning scene. With frameworks like Tensorflow, Keras, and PyTorch, Python developers can accomplish a wide array of astonishing feats like computer vision (self-driving cars), recommendation systems (think Netflix/Amazon), and Natural Language Processing (Siri and Google Assistant).

In the age of smartphones, smart TVs, and smart cars, Python frameworks are often the brains behind these smart technologies. If you wish to contribute to some of the most impactful technological advancements of humankind, Python is your best shot.

How hard is it to learn Python?

Python is a good choice for beginner to expert computer programmers.

Python has an easy learning curve because it is a dynamically typed language. That means that Python is not as strict regarding syntax as other programming languages are. You can make mistakes without too much frustration, making it a great way to start learning basic programming skills.

There are a plethora of online resources for learning Python on your own, and the Python community is fairly friendly to beginners programmers who have questions.

The challenging part will come when you begin to build larger-scale applications. Since the language is not strongly typed, you need to have a good understanding of the libraries that you use and the underlying data types that work with them. For example, machine learning libraries often use multidimensional numpy arrays.

Latest Remote Python Jobs
Full Stack Engineer
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[Art+Logic](https://artandlogic) is looking for Full Stack Web Developers to work with us on interesting custom software projects. We’ve been around since 1991, and we’re still going strong.  Our ideal developers thrive in the environment of variety…
Senior Fullstack Engineer
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Tech Lead Senior Startup Engineer Fellowship
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Javascript is the language of the web. It’s the only language that can run directly in the web browser, and it has been adopted for backend web applications as well as mobile frameworks like React Native.

Javascript is the only truly “full-stack” language, so there’s a lot of bang for the buck if you become advanced in this language. With the NPM community, you don’t have to worry about writing all of your code from scratch, as you can use 3rd party library code that the developers in the community have written.

Javascript is considered the hot new language compared to the older legacy languages and is often the first choice for new startups that want to build products and iterate quickly. Mastering Javascript will open many doors to employment and freelance work across startups and megacorporations that want to experiment with fresh technologies to spice up their offerings.

With React Native- a popular Javascript framework- you can create both iOS apps and Android apps using only Javascript. It would normally be much harder because you’d need to know different programming skills for each platform.

How hard is it to learn Javascript?

Javascript is a good choice for beginner to expert computer programmers.

Javascript is similar to Python in the fact that it is dynamically typed, so it lets you get away with making errors while you learn the ins and outs of the language. Although there are certainly some tricky aspects of the language, like “closures” and the “object prototype”, you can still progress quite far in your career without mastering those subjects.

As a professional Javascript programmer, your biggest challenge will likely be related to the modern tooling and development environment. There are many tools that help developers manage their Javascript code. While tools like Gulp and Grunt were once mainstream, they’ve been mostly replaced by Webpack. The Javascript ecosystem changes rapidly, so you’ll need to keep up.

Latest Remote Javascript Jobs
Remote OK
Full Stack Engineer
[Remote OK]( is looking to hire a Full Stack Engineer. With that we mean a generalist software engineer focused on product outcomes rather than any specific part of the stack or language. You need to be more frontend focused than …
Full Stack Software Developer
[Art+Logic](https://artandlogic) is looking for Full Stack Web Developers to work with us on interesting custom software projects. We’ve been around since 1991, and we’re still going strong.  Our ideal developers thrive in the environment of variety…
Radix DLT
Senior Front End Engineer
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Frontend Engineer
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Full stack Product Engineer
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Java should not be confused with Javascript. It’s an entirely different programming language (though all programming languages have strong similarities). Java is one of the legacy languages that has continued to withstand the test of time. As a high-level general-purpose language, you can build backend web applications, desktop software with a GUI, and most notably, Android apps.

Java is considered a good choice for software development because it doesn’t require memory management like C++, and it can easily run on multiple platforms (Windows, Mac, and Linux). Fun fact: even Minecraft was made with Java.

Java has been around for a while and is here to stay. Google has invested over a decade into building their Android SDK around the Java APIs and will continue to do so because Android is the only viable competitor to Apple’s iOS. Mastering the Java programming skills will put you in a very fast-paced and high-demand part of the tech industry where you can build enticing apps for cutting-edge mobile devices.

How hard is it to learn Java?

Java is a good choice for intermediate to expert computer programmers.

Java is a typed language, so it’s more strict than Python and Javascript- making it more of an intermediate language. To excel in Java, you’ll need to understand the different data types.

You’ll also need to become comfortable with Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), which is the crux of Java programming skills. OOP is a way of programming that somewhat models the real world, so it’s not too difficult to grasp at first. But it can quickly become challenging when you start learning about inheritance, polymorphism, and different class types.

As it pertains to Android app development with Java, you’ll need to learn about the “lifecycle” of a mobile Android app, and how to use “Activities” and “Fragments” to manage the behavior of your Android app. The world of Android Java development changes fast, with new libraries and programming techniques gaining popularity each year.

Latest Remote Java Jobs
Full Stack Engineer
# Role The main responsibility for this position is to produce high quality code and shape together with the team the best practices vertically across the solution, including the frontend application, using React-Redux with TypeScript and the backend…
Real Vision
Full Stack Engineer
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Sezzle Europe
Lead Full Stack Developer
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Senior Backend Engineer
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Android Software Engineer Poland
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Golang is a modern programming language pioneered by Google to solve the issues prevalent in other programming languages. Modern computers have multi-core CPUs, so the software has to be written to take full advantage of all cores and deliver the best performance. Achieving that goal hasn’t always been easy in most programming languages.

Fortunately, Golang was designed specifically to solve this issue, meaning that you can build very high-performance multithreaded applications easily. Golang ranked as being one of the best performing programming languages today in terms of “performance out of the box”. It’s most commonly used for DevOps tools and highly scalable backend web services.

Golang is a very simple language to get started with, though admittedly tricky to master. Mastering Golang will position you in a niche part of the tech industry where performance and reliability are a priority. Expect big bucks to come.

How hard is it to learn Golang?

Golang is a good choice for intermediate to expert computer programmers.

Golang was designed to be notoriously simple while offering advanced features for applications that need it. In a professional context, you will likely use Golang for building microservices or CLI (command-line interface) apps.

The challenging part of Golang will likely be in how you efficiently manage the flow of data. The proper usage of “channels”, “goroutines” and various types of “mutexes” to solve synchronization issues can be tricky unless you strategically plan the architecture of the application beforehand.

Golang tends to attract programmers who already have prior experience with other programming skills like C++ or Java.

Latest Remote Golang Jobs
Back End Engineer Go Node.js
Oscatel is hiring a remote back-end engineer - working with Go and Node.js - to design and implement application layer solutions for a range of projects that underpin mobile telco carriers. We're building modular scalable solutions around operations…
Toggl Hire
Fullstack Developer
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The Things Industries
React Frontend Developer
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Backend Engineer
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Senior Back End Software Engineer
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Computer programming skills are not only lucrative, but it is the perfect skill for professionals who want to work from home, whether as an employee or freelancer. What programming skills are you going to learn to make money in 2021?

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