Top Coworking Spaces for Remote Workers: Find One Near You

The coworking space, a 21st-century concept where workers from various companies tap away on their laptops in synchronized harmony. Lightning-fast internet, ergonomic office furniture, and low ambient noise (read: no screaming kids) combine to optimize productivity—it’s fast becoming an increasingly popular alternative to working from home. 

Remote work in the US is exploding as both employers and employees discover the benefits of an online workforce. But while some staff seem happy to do the 9-5 grind from home, others prefer clocking hours in a traditional office environment.

Whether you’re a transient digital nomad or a full-time remote working guru, there are scores of coworking spaces scattered around the US (over 5,000 at last count) that cater to folks like you. We’ll review the top options in 15 major American cities so you can find the perfect place to smash out your workweek in style. 

New York City Manhattan: The Farm SoHo

Situated in the uber-trendy SoHo neighborhood, The Farm personifies New York chic. High ceilings, polished wooden floors, exposed brick walls, and hip furnishings define the interior. Meanwhile, the Missouri barn-inspired exterior exudes a soothing rural vibe—the ideal antidote for those NYC concrete jungle blues. 

Packages cater to varying budgets and tastes, with hot desks, dedicated desks and private offices available. The business welcomes workers 24/7 (perfect come crunch time), and you can even bring your own pooch.  

Baltimore: Co-Balt Workspace

Co-Balt Workspace offers a squeaky clean and super sophisticated setting for the professional set in Baltimore. Located in the trendy Hampden neighborhood, this repurposed 19th-century church has transformed into a stylish ultramodern office—a sure-fire setting to impress your clients at your next in-person meeting. 

Competitive packages cover hot desks, private offices, or conference room hire, and all the requisite office amenities are at your fingertips. You also get access to an entertainment space plus a communal kitchen with complimentary coffee, popcorn, and beer (save the latter for knock-off o’clock). 

Austin: Capital Factory

Austin is a hotbed for innovation, and no other coworking space in the city caters to budding start-ups better than Capital Factory. Core to its premise, the founders work tirelessly to connect ambitious entrepreneurs with the top investors and mentors in the metropolis—it’s so much more than just an office.

Other perks include unlimited cold brew, countless tech-centric events, a VR lab, and an on-site gym. Best of all, you’ll be surrounded by bright budding entrepreneurs who bounce ideas back and forth and network with unbridled enthusiasm.  

Houston: Wicowork

Set in a quaint woodboard home, this unique coworking space walks the line between sociable and serious. Cheery furnishings keep the creative juices flowing, while an intimate share-house vibe makes networking a breeze.

Workers can park bikes inside the locked garden gate for safe keeping, and there’s a fully equipped kitchen to prep lunch or pour another coffee. It’s not in the most central location, but the quirky design, friendly vibe, and delightful décor make Wicowork worth the commute.  

Denver: Modworks

This no-nonsense coworking space opposite the Capitol Building in downtown Denver offers a traditional office environment with a wide range of packages (hot desk, dedicated desk, and private office plans available). It mightn’t be the most colorful coworking space in the city, but Modworks keeps things fresh with its breathtaking mountain views.

Flexible management, good value packages, a friendly atmosphere, and a central location make this spot a hit for companies who want a productive workspace without the trendy frills. 

Atlanta: Switchyards 

A haven for start-ups and ambitious entrepreneurs, Switchyards is your go-to coworking space for building a B2C business. The unique concept has chic little offices scattered around Atlanta—the Downtown Club branch is the coolest of the bunch. Each coworking space fosters a strong sense of community among its career-driven clientele. 

Networking events, digital wellbeing programs, and bottomless coffee attract an energetic and continuously caffeinated crowd. 

Chicago: Ampersand Cowork

Located in the heart of Logan Square, Ampersand offers high-quality facilities to professionals from all walks of life. Superb amenities and comfortable furniture help you get on with the task at hand, while pop art adorned walls and warm, welcoming staff inject extra cheer into the atmosphere.

On your lunch break, meander up to the rooftop terrace to sink top-shelf Colombian coffee with your new-found chums. If you’re having a tough day, take a much-needed snooze in the hammock instead. 

New York City (Brooklyn): BrooklynWorks at 159

Remote workers after a functional coworking space in New York’s trendiest borough should check out BrooklynWorks. You won’t find the latest hipster trappings here, but rather a well-equipped facility with a steadfast focus on getting work done. 

It’s a small space with limited desks, which helps foster a tight-knit community—it doesn’t hurt having scores of hip restaurants and cafes within spitting distance. Our favorite perk? You get a gutful of tasty free pizza once per week.  

Los Angeles: NeueHouse

Spanning seven stories in the former CBS Radio building, this swanky coworking space encapsulates the essence of old Hollywood while still maintaining a functional design. Berber textiles, North African antiques, and low-hanging lighting make for a stylish space to work. 

The joint is a haven for creatives—fashion designers, film producers, and publishers flock here—making it ideal for bohemian types. A tasty in-house restaurant, a rotating art exhibition, a cinema room, and regular events (including an after-office happy hour) enhance its social cachet. 

San Diego: Downtown Works

A San Diego institution, Downtown Works provides a comfortable and functional working environment for professionals of all industries.

Such is its success, the business has expanded to create branches in Little Italy and Carlsbad, although the original downtown HQ remains the best. Top-notch amenities, bottomless coffee, and easy access to local craft beer keep workers content at this much-loved locale.  

San Francisco: Eco-Systm

As the urban epicenter of the Silicon Valley tech scene, San Francisco has more coworking spaces than cable cars. Our pick of the bunch is Eco-Systm, a clean and serene office space with an energetic go-getter vibe. 

The venue offers an array of attractive packages and pulls in plenty of short-term punters for its well-equipped meeting rooms. Artworks from local maestros adorn the walls to keep the aesthetics fresh.  

Portland: NedSpace

Perched high in the Union Bank Tower, NedSpace affords a convenient location and lofty skyscraper views. But it’s the warm community vibe and outstanding amenities that attract Portland professionals to this vibrant space, not to mention the welcoming nature of its entrepreneurial owners.

Peer-to-peer collaboration, free use of the conference rooms, and a lively event space have seen the business attain legendary status since its inception in 2009. Although it’s particularly popular with the start-up crowd, professionals from every background will feel right at home.  

Indianapolis: Switchboard

Switchboard receives remote workers of all kinds, with freelancers, full-time employees, and sole-proprietors pulling up a chair each morning. The attractive coworking space has been refurbished from a former residential home and features multiple open-plan areas plus a few cozy meeting rooms. 

Located in a quaint suburban neighborhood just outside the CBD, the site is easy to access and boasts free on-street parking. Couple that with an already reasonably-priced membership fee, and you’ve got the best value-for-money coworking spot in the city. 

Tampa: CoCreativ Downtown Tampa

CoCreativ gives small businesses a productive place to operate, although freelancers are equally welcome to join the fray. Inspiring colors, upbeat tunes, and an inclusive vibe keep morale high, while a convenient central location minimizes the commute. 

The site is especially renowned for hosting conferences and meetings—the in-house event management team ensures every shindig goes off without a hitch. A South Tampa branch has opened for folks at that end of town. 

Kansas City: Plexpod Westport Commons

Plexpod is a major player in the Kansas City coworking scene, with five chic branches peppered throughout the city. The cream of the crop is the Westport Commons campus, where vibrant murals and modern décor amp up creativity. 

Remodeled from a historic Junior High School, 80-acres of lush parkland surround the spacious facility. Included amenities outclass every other coworking joint in the city—book the historic theater to give your next presentation extra oomph.

Nationwide Coworking Companies

We’ve covered the top coworking spaces in 15 major American cities, each of which is certain to see your productivity soar. 

But if you tend to roam around the US on the reg, whether as a digital nomad or traveling company employee, then you might find more value in a nationwide coworking chain.

Companies like Regus, WeWork, Industrious Office, and Impact Hub, to name a few, offer membership deals with hot desk access to co-workspaces around the US (and around the globe).

In either case, we’re confident you’ll find an epic coworking space in your area to elevate your remote work game.  

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