What Kind of Jobs are Remote? Check These Out.

There are an abundance of different types of remote jobs you can get. Based on your interests, skills and desired lifestyle, you can land the remote role that best fits you.

In order to get a remote job, you need to have digital skills. Hence the rise of the digital nomad movement. Are you naturally good at navigating the web, working with files, and solving problems on your computer? Then this path may be a great choice for you.

The world has recently made a widespread transition to remote working. Now is your best chance to start building the skills necessary for remote job roles. Take a look here at the different types of remote jobs that you can find:

Remote Developer

An app developer working on his computer

See remote web developer jobs or See remote app developer jobs

Are you fascinated with the internet and how things work under the hood? Then you might want to explore web development. You can create enticing web experiences like blogs, e-commerce stores, social websites, and more. Web development programming languages primarily includes HTML, Javascript, and CSS. Experienced web developers are expected to know an additional programming language such as PHP, Python, or Java.

Otherwise, if you enjoy using apps and games on your phone, then you may enjoy learning to create mobile apps. Whether it’s iPhone apps or Android apps, it’s referred to as mobile app development. Mobile app development is somewhat similar to web development. The difference is in the kinds of programming languages you would use. Java for Android app development or Swift for iOS app development on the iPhone.

Web development and app development roles are often seen as the pinnacle of remote jobs. It pays ways, has great benefits, and offers more job opportunities than all other remote job types. It’s the perfect remote job.

Remote Graphic Design

A freelance graphics designer drawing logos on a tablet

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How good are you at drawing or painting? If you have the talent for it, those skills transfer very well to the digital world as a graphic designer. Even if you can’t draw well, software such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop are the tools of the trade. Mastering those applications will open many doors to remote graphic design jobs. Businesses can use your work for logos, online publications, marketing, advertising, and product packaging.

Graphic design is very much a digital job nowadays, as the days of pen-and-paper drawings have long gone. Your designs will most likely be seen on digital media such as computers and phones. So it makes graphic design an excellent choice among the types of remote jobs that you can get.

Remote Marketing and Advertising

A remote worker man on a video call on his computer

See remote marketing jobs

Marketing and advertising are some of the most in-demand skills on the web. If you learn the ropes of Google and Facebook advertising along with SEO, you can help businesses get more customers. Once you know how to effectively use online ads, many businesses will beg you to promote their products and services.

To be a qualified marketer or advertiser in modern times, you must understand basic SEO principles. Having good writing skills is secondary, but also important. You also must have experience with paid ad platforms such as Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. In marketing and advertising, the goal is typically to promote products, events, or services. This in turn helps to boost traffic and sales for your clients.

Marketing and advertising is sometimes a passive activity. You are expected to publish advertisements, assess the analytics, and optimize the ads. Which makes it a fairly flexible role- one of the more relaxing types of remote jobs you can get.

Remote Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant freelancer on a laptop looking at a calendar

See remote virtual assistant jobs

Are you good at managing a schedule, running errands, and quickly solving everyday problems? Then being a virtual assistant is something to think about. You would be assigned one or several clients that you help with various activities. This includes setting up meetings, managing daily schedules, and booking flights. In general, you will need to improvise and fill in the blanks to help your client free up time.

The key part of being a virtual assistant is that your job is “virtual”. As a V.A., you may serve several clients from different parts of the world. This makes being a virtual assistant a great remote job in terms of flexibility. Be aware that it’s the type of remote job that requires you to be quite savvy with the computer.

Remote Copywriting Jobs

See writing remote jobs

Do you enjoy writing journal entries, essays, blog articles, and similar activities? You can get paid for it by being a copywriter. There are many online opportunities to get paid for writing copy (AKA “content”) for businesses.

Online publishers want to provide subscribers with fresh content on a daily basis. But in order to do that, online publishers need writers to research the latest relevant news. You will then write compelling and informative content, and publish it to thousands of readers.

As a copywriter, your performance is measured by your output rather than time. It’s the perfect freelance gig for remote workers who want to work from home on a flexible schedule. It’s also great for digital nomads who want to travel the work while working. It’s the type of job remote job that offers an incredible amount of flexibility.

Remote Video Editing Jobs

A digital nomad man editing video on his computer

See remote video editing jobs

Do you often find yourself recording video on your phone or digital camera? Then you might want to learn about video editing. Video editors can professionally edit video, add special effects, and create amazing cinematic experiences for web and film. You can choose to create video content for businesses. You can also grow your own personal YouTube channel while working from home. Creating videos is a great way of communicating information in a form that’s interesting and easy to understand.

Video editing requires you to understand the technical aspects of modern video and audio technology. This includes video editing software, video codecs, video encoding, video resolution, and framerate. You also need to understand the creative side of video editing. Color correction, color grading, and techniques for effectively trimming and editing video footage.

Ready To Get a Remote Job?

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There are a number of opportunities to start working remotely from home, whether as a freelancer or employee. If you are new to remote working, you may want to learn about the pros and cons of remote working.

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