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Working Remotely From a Hotel Room: Everything You Should Know

With a backpack and a sturdy laptop, you can work remotely from practically anywhere. It can be tempting to book an indefinite stay at a hotel– wining and dining with room service every night. But if you intend to work from a hotel room, then you should know what to expect so that there are no surprises.

Choosing a Good Hotel For Remote Working

There are several factors that will make or break your hotel remote working experience. Use this checklist as a guide for choosing the right hotel:

Is the WIFI strong?

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Bad hotel WIFI will make your video calls stutter and your web surfing experience insufferable. Having good WIFI is more important than having a good pillow. Internet connectivity is the bread and butter of remote working.

So before you book the hotel room, ask the receptionist if you can test drive the hotel WIFI to confirm that it’s fast and stable enough. Different devices connect to different WIFI routers with varying levels of performance.

Worst-case scenario, you can use your smartphone as a WIFI hotspot if all other options are off the table. Depending on your data plan and location, you might have pleasantly fast internet via hotspot.

Is there a desk?

Desk and bed in hotel room

Needless to say, you won’t be able to comfortably work from the bedside unless you do 8 hours of yoga every day.

Hotel rooms come in all shapes and sizes, with a wide range of furniture included. But it’s not uncommon for a modern hotel room to include a work desk and a decent office chair. If you intend to work in the hotel room for more than a day, then having a desk is a must.

Are there enough electric outlets?

Hotel room equipment and wall electric outlet

Having enough wall outlets to plug in your electronics is something we all take for granted until there aren’t enough of them. Between your phone, laptop, and rechargeable batteries, it’ll be a struggle to keep all your devices juiced up if your hotel room doesn’t have enough plugs.

But it’s not just about quantity. Hotel rooms can be designed in the darnedest ways– with wall outlets placed in bizarre locations. Check to see that there are wall outlets within a reasonable distance from the desk.

Is there a Starbucks nearby?

Woman working on laptop at cafe

If you are new to world of working remotely in a hotel, then it’s best to stack all the odds in your favor and reduce risk. A great way to reduce risk is by staying at a hotel that’s nearby a cafe. That way, if the hotel environment isn’t suitable for working, then you can grab your laptop and walk down to the cafe to continue working from there.

A cafe has roughly everything you need to work remotely: tables, WIFI, electric outlets, and aroma of questionable coffee. The cafe doesn’t need to be a Starbucks, but the franchise guarantees a consistent baseline experience no matter where you are in the world.

Is there a rewards program?

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After some time, you might fall in love with a particular hotel chain. Some of the popular global brands like Hilton, Hyatt and Marriott offer loyalty programs that can land you some nice long term discounts.

If you find yourself frequenting the same hotels and decide to go down the path of a luxury digital nomad, then it’s something to consider.

Can You Stay at a Hotel Long Term?

There are many reasons why you may wish to book an extended stay at a hotel and work remotely from there. Perhaps you will embark on a long business trip, or maybe you just want to fully flex your remote work freedom and live a location-independent lifestyle. Either way, it begs the question: can you actually stay at a hotel long term?


Hotel hunting isn’t a walk in the park. Depending on your destination, there may be hundreds of hotels to choose from within the vicinity. Make sure that your budget takes into consideration the full range of expenses that you’ll encounter. Hotel room, food, travel, and some emergency funds for a worst-case scenario.

Also make sure to double-check if there are any additional hidden fees that you’ll need to pay for the room. For example, Las Vegas has the dreaded “resort fee” where you may pay a whopping $40 a night in addition to the base rate.

Travel Visa

When working outside of your home country, it gets even trickier, because you’ll need to ensure that your visa remains valid for your entire stay. There are many different types of visas; the most common and easy to obtain being the travel visa.

Depending on your country of residence, you may receive a hassle-free travel visa stamp on arrival to the destination. On the other hand, you may need to apply and be approved for a visa before you hop on the plane. Check your local embassy for details.

Employment Agreement

If you are an employee working outside of your home city, state, or country as an employee, you should consider checking to see that you aren’t breaking your employment agreement.

Most “remote jobs” are not international, and employers generally expect employees to at least stay within the country. However, some remote jobs are explicitly international and are okay with team members who are dispersed around the globe.

Final Thoughts

Working remotely from a hotel isn’t a crazy idea. It’s completely feasible if the expenses are within your budget. But there are pitfalls you may encounter if you aren’t careful. This guide will hopefully help you to enjoy the hotel remote working experience to the fullest.

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